Walk a Mile

The semiannual wardrobe switch is on – swapping out light weight spring/summer for the heftier fall/winter items.  It is during these times that I truly realize how much of a shoe collector I have become.  Oh, it’s not a full blown Imelda Marcos type addiction.  But shoes often speak to me, and what they say is “buy me.”

This switch from sandals to boots has me thinking.  If it’s true that you can never fully know someone until you walk a mile in their shoes, then my question has to be, “which shoes?”  Exactly which facet of me would someone get to know by walking a mile in my shoes?

A quick review of my collection reveals pumps, flats, sandals, wedges, loafers, sneakers, clogs, boots, and flip-flops.  zebra shoesI have footwear for work, social occasions, shopping, and hiking.  There’s something for the city, the country, and the suburbs.  My feet are prepared for picnics or fine dining.  I have black suede boots, bright red loafers, hot pink Barbie slides, and a slightly fabulous pair of boat shoes in a zebra stripe, which daughter number 2 pronounced “hipster” when I bought them.  I’m not sure what hipster really means, but they are fun to wear, very comfortable, and were super-cheap.

But I digress.  The real point is, which me would someone know if they randomly picked a pair of my shoes and took a stroll?  Would they discover the all business, at home in the boardroom me?  Would they know the laid back have a beer over a card game me?  Maybe they would find the gardening me, or the Sunday crossword puzzle me.  It’s possible the hanging out with girlfriends for a night of fun me would go along for the walk.  Or maybe the Marlene Dietrich “I want to be alone” me.

Then there is the other little problem.  It is honestly not possible to walk a mile, or even a quarter of a mile, in some of my shoes.  They aren’t made for walking.  They’re just made for being all-out gorgeous.  Like the silvery gray strappy sandals with the lovely three inch heels.  (Sorry…sidetracked again.)  And if you’re not walking, or dancing, all night, you’re going to look and feel amazing in those shoes.

There are so many sides to each of us, and so many ways to express ourselves.  Serious.  Silly.  Sassy.  Casual.  Classy.  Fierce.  Frightened.  Giving.  Yielding.  Speaker.  Listener.  Questioner.  Partner.  Helper.  Uptown.  Downtown.  Boardroom.  Mudroom.  Sewing.  Mowing.  Reading.  Writing.  ‘Rithmatic.

One mile in one pair?  That’s not nearly enough to get to know who I am.  Don’t walk in my shoes.  Instead, walk beside me and let’s just talk.  Then we’ll get to know one another and you won’t judge me for my shoe collection.  But wear your sneakers so you can keep up.


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