Gratitude.  Appreciation.  It’s so nice that we set aside a day in this great country to give thanks, and one of the truly great things about Thanksgiving is that it is inclusive.  We can all share in this holiday, regardless of race or religion.  We can all be grateful for something or someone.

So this Thanksgiving I am giving thanks for all of the people who have made my life richer for simply having known them.  I have learned so much from so many, and for that I am truly grateful.

For my husband, who makes me want to be a better person every day, I am thankful.

Two of my greatest blessings.

Two of my greatest blessings.

For my children who challenge and inspire me, and have filled me with more love than I ever knew possible, I am thankful.

For so many friends, the old and the new, who have listened, shared, comforted, cared, and laughed wildly with, I am thankful.

For my mother, who as an almost 84-year old demonstrates daily what it means to grow old gracefully while fighting it every step of the way, I am thankful.

For my siblings, nieces and nephews, aunt, uncle, cousins, and in-laws; because the older we get the more we realize that extended family is truly a gift, I am thankful.

There are definitely things that I don’t have in life.  I will never be wealthy and may never be able to do all of the things I would like to do.  But there are so many things I have and so many things I can do.

For a job, despite the pitfalls and problems that sometimes come with it, I am thankful.

For a home that is comfortable and cozy, I am thankful.

For food on our table, I am thankful.

For my family’s health, I am thankful.

For time to give back to my community, I am thankful.

For talent to create and (a little bit of) patience to make things work, I am thankful.

And because time is too fleeting, I am truly thankful for all of the good days, and even the bad days.

For all of my family and my friends, I wish you blessings too numerous to count.  Happy Thanksgiving.


6 thoughts on “Thankfulness

  1. We’re thankful to have your blog to read over here in the UK. Hannah and I start a lot of our mornings with “have you read Sheila’s blog post yet?” and it’s a great way to begin the day. Wishing you all the best!

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