Not Quite Story Time

It’s been an intense month.  There have been lots of things going on at home and at work, but I have kept at it:  writing my novel.

Despite all of the hours I put in, it is not finished.  So I don’t get to be one of the “winners” for NaNoWriMo.  Their criteria is simple:  write a 50,000 word story in the 30 days of November.  Simple and HARD!  I have fallen about 14,000 words short and am not going to meet this deadline.

Scruffy - he was a great dog!

Scruffy – he was a great dog!

But I do not feel bad at all about where I am in this process.  In fact, I feel pretty good about it.  I set out to create a fictional story that is based on a very real dog that we once had for a short period of time.  Honestly, I really have loved writing about that dog.  It has brought back wonderful memories for me and I have been very much enjoying the process.

For a first effort at writing a novel, I guess it has gone okay.  It is a huge undertaking.  Those who have done this before must know that it is extremely hard to stay focused, especially when the writing is part-time and the rest of your life is full-time.   But I have definitely learned some things:

  1. Write something that is related to the story every day – a character study, a plot turn, a descriptive passage – something, even if it’s just a paragraph.
  2. Writing honest characters is hard work.  People are multi-faceted, and a character in a book should be as well in order to be believable.
  3. Keep at it.  Once it’s in your head, it has to be written.  No one else can bring this tale (tail) to life because it’s mine to tell.

So I have a plan:  I am going to set aside my 36,000 (36,289, to be precise) words for the month of December.  There are many things to be completed before Christmas now, including some sewing projects for gifts.  These other things will become high priority, and I will come back to my story in January.

For a month, I will try not to even read what I have already written.  I want to take a fresh look at it a month from now.  Then I will dive back in, writing, editing, and crafting this book until it is complete.

I’m not done….but what a great start!  I’ll let you know how this goes when I get back to it in January.  This is already giving me something to look forward to when the cold, gray winter settles in.

Thanks to all of my friends for the words of encouragement.  You are the best!


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