Human Again

I must be feeling better because I have this acute sense that I’ve been robbed.  Having had a lousy cold (is there such a thing as a good cold?) and fever for the past few days, I missed the entire New Year’s holiday.  Of course it happened even without me, but I didn’t get to enjoy it.  Robbed, I tell you.

You know that feeling you have when you’ve been sick for a while and then start to feel better?  The fever is lifting and you can sit upright again without swooning.  It’s refreshing to take a full breath without coughing.

Then you take a shower.  It’s one of the best feelings in the world after you have spent two full days in a robe and pajamas smelling like Vicks VapoRub and feeling like your head weighs 400 pounds.  The steam in the shower helps open your sinuses and you inhale the aroma of soap that is supposed to smell like a rainforest but really has a crisp, almost herbal, scent.  Of course, I have never been to the rainforest and maybe that is what it smells like.  Even so, smelling anything at all is delightful.

I stand there in the hot water, wondering who invented the shower.  Whoever it was must have been a genius.  Then I realize this train of thought is a little strange, as though my head isn’t fully clear yet.  But at least I can stand up, and feel clean.

Then I put clothes on.  Actual clothes.  Not just pajamas.  For me, a pair of jeans and a turtleneck do the trick.  And my watch.  That’s the real clincher.  When I put on my watch I know that I’m ready to face the rest of the day.  Even if I don’t look at it, I know it is there and I feel dressed.

Snow piling up on the rhododendron outside the window.

Snow piling up on the rhododendron outside the window.

I’m not good at being sick.  It’s not that I’m nasty to people, it’s just that I want to be left alone.  I know lots of people who like to be coddled when they’re sick.  That’s not me.  So for the past few days I have gone from bed to sofa, trading one set of pillows for another, reading material in hand and tissues close by, watching the snow fall outside and grunting, more than speaking, to my family.  Bless them.

So after alternately reading and napping for a couple of days I have completed one book and am most of the way through another.  I love reading and usually find it therapeutic.  It’s just not how I expected or wanted to spend the holiday.  It’s not that we make a huge deal out of New Year’s here, but we sometimes spend the evening with friends or go out to dinner, or sometimes I make something special at home.  Not this year.  Robbed.

Anyway, after such an inauspicious start to 2014 I’m fairly certain there is nothing but improvement ahead.  The year has got to get better, right?  Especially since it’s now January second and I am finally starting to feel human.  Again.


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