Doing It All

I am crying “uncle.”  Giving up.  Throwing in the towel.  Apparently, after years of racing on a treadmill to get things done, I can no longer do it all.  At least not all at once.

There is no doubt that my work day is busy.  Here’s just a sampling of what an ordinary work day brings my way:  responding to emails, writing news releases, fielding numerous questions, writing a column, tracking goals, sending mass communications, reviewing budgets, troubleshooting software problems, writing custom reports, approving invoices for payment, coding data, training, setting up communications and training plans, implementing those plans, events promotion, maintaining two web sites and multiple social media platforms, and sitting through meetings where I am bound to come out with even more on my plate.  Technology was supposed to make our work lives easier.  Instead, it has made them busier.

At home there are the routine house chores, winter shoveling (and more shoveling), and summer yard work (which does not count as work since it really is therapeutic to dig in the dirt), laundry, and groceries.  My husband (bless him) keeps up with the bills at home and is also very helpful keeping up with things both inside and outside the house.

Currently, I am involved in some detailed volunteer projects:  for a very worthy board I’m proud to serve on, for a committee that really needs some help, and for the school my daughters used to attend and where the teachers are so great that I can’t say no.

aqua ultra-suede purse - one of my few recent sewing projects

aqua ultra-suede purse – one of my few recent sewing projects

Then there are all of the hobbies I would love to get to.  Last weekend I spent a few hours sewing and made myself a lovely aqua ultra-suede purse.  But I have a couple of chairs that I really want to get around to reupholstering, some other furniture in the basement I have been planning to refinish for quite some time, and a writing project that I swore I would get back to in January and now it’s March and I’m barely any further along with that than I was before Christmas.  Okay, I was diverted by a different writing project, so I’ll give myself a little bit of a pass on that.  I do still carve out some time for reading most days, and when we get a little bit of sunshine it is imperative that I get out of the house and enjoy it for a couple of hours before it is gone.

Honestly, I thought things would slow down once our kids were grown and gone.  I think they did for a few weeks, but then the treadmill started up again with a vengeance.  It’s not that I can’t say no.  I have said no to quite a few things in the past year.

Is this just a thing with women, or do men get this bogged down too?  I ask that question seriously.  I know my husband is very entrenched in a number of work and community projects all the time.  But how about others?  I would love to know:  Are you living to work or working to live?

And if you are doing a lot of things are you doing any of them really well?  Or is good enough truly good enough?

Is life a constant struggle to find balance?  Maybe it’s just the winter weather that’s got me down, but I am ready to chuck it all…. after I finish this one project.


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