Spring Into Action

Spring clothes, spring flowers, and spring cleaning.  Spring comes in fits and starts, and a few warm and sunny days are usually followed by others that are chilly and rainy. So we make the most of the clear weather and the onset of warm days brings a flurry of activity.

The first order of business was to get the car cleaned up inside and out. I am pretty careful about not leaving messes in the car, so usually a good vacuuming will suffice. This time, after a really bitter and snowy winter, it required a little spray carpet cleaner to loosen the caked up road salt on the floor mats. But less than an hour to get the carpet, upholstery, and windows clean, and a little time with the hose and brush at the car wash left the car looking and smelling pretty nice.

Then it was off with the snow tires and on with the summer tires. Even in this very wintery Western New York climate, lots of people don’t do this anymore. But snow tires let me go where I need to all winter long without worry, so it’s worth it. There have been years when the snow tires stay on until May, but not this year.

Spring also means the semi-annual wardrobe switcheroo. Houses that were built in the 1950’s never have enough closet space to hold a full twelve months of clothing at a time. Actually, our old house which was built in the 1920’s was even worse, so this house has been a step up.  I don’t have a lot of clothes, but working in an office requires a professional wardrobe and that requires some storage space. So twice each year I trade out the past seasons closet full for the coming seasons items. Things that no longer fit well or look past their prime are donated or tossed, and the rest is packed away for next fall. Honestly, I should be more ruthless during the weeding out, but I tend to hold onto things a little too long sometimes. Life would be much easier if I could just live in jeans and a tee shirt, but that’s not how it works. By the time the spring/summer items are hauled out and hung up, the closet feels fresher and lighter, and so does my mood.

DaffodilsWhipping the yard into shape takes several days. There’s an oak tree up the street that doesn’t lose its leaves until January, and a lot of those leaves wind up wedged around the back steps and underneath the shrubs. Spring raking is the first order of business, followed by some weeding to get rid of the dandelions that waste no time trying to sprout. The deer were especially hard on our plantings this winter, nibbling on almost all of our brand new flowering fothergilla. Not content to chomp on the dormant winter plants, the deer have also started to attack the newly sprouted daylilies and hostas. We purchased the large economy sized deer repellant spray this time.

As the daylight hours grow and winter loosens its icy grip, we look forward to the beginning of a fresh, new season. One of the most promising events so far: my yard-work jeans actually fit a little better this spring than they did last fall; and that is a big win for the wardrobe, the spring cleaning, and the spirit.


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