Homeowners Lament

I need a weekend to catch up.

I need a weekend to finish the dusting, vacuuming, and mopping.

I need to do the semi-annual window cleaning, which is really only necessary once in the spring and once in the fall. We regularly try to clean the windows in the patio doors where the dog strategically places nose prints all the time, but the rest of the windows don’t usually get any attention.

I need to clean out the refrigerator, since I am certain we are now growing penicillin in a couple of those plastic containers that started out holding leftover pasta, which I intended to take for lunch but never did.

I need to finish the rest of the laundry. But the problem with laundry is that even as you are finishing it there is more at the ready – just waiting to be washed, and mocking you.

I need to finish weeding all of the flower beds this spring. We don’t have that many of them, but we have a few spots that need a little attention and then a good mulching will keep them weed-free for a few weeks. Why doesn’t it keep them weed-free all summer?

I need to get to that sewing project that is waiting for me on the chair in the dining room. It’s going to be a lovely little gift for a baby who was born several months ago. It may have to be a first birthday present instead.

sunset over the lake

sunset over the lake

Because the weekend rolls around and I have a hair appointment, a friend to meet for coffee, errands to run that I can’t get to during the week, groceries to buy, a book to read that keeps calling my name, and a beautiful sunset to photograph during a twilight walk.

I need a weekend to catch up.  But it’s only Monday.


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