If you believe all of the online quiz results, my inner age is 30 and my real age is 42. My true calling is “creative genius.” My power element is metal. My season is fall. I am 50% left brained and 50% right brained. My classic rock band is The Eagles, and my life quote is from Theodore Roosevelt ~ “With self- discipline, most anything is possible.” I am politically astute. In a past life I was a Greek philosopher and my IQ is “gifted.”

Well, I definitely like to create things but I’m not sure at all about the genius part of that phrase. I may be gifted for some things, but most days I can’t say if my gifts are a blessing or a curse. My real age is not 42 (but thanks for that), and my favorite season really is fall. I have always liked The Eagles, and I don’t know if I had a past life, but I could have been a philosopher. As for the self-discipline quote, I am certain that a lack of self-discipline is one of the things that keeps me from unlocking my full potential.

Here are some of the things online quizzes have correctly discerned about me:

  • You are persistent (and maybe even a little bit stubborn). If you see something you want you go for it. You have a lot of strength and it’s difficult to get you down. Very logical, you tend to analyze everything going on in your life.
  • You believe it’s important to find and cultivate a purpose in your life. You can’t imagine living without meaning. You are intuitive and thoughtful. You appreciate solitude but also draw energy from being with others. You are an excellent communicator.
  • You are a real hard worker, and you can thank your past experiences for that. Your childhood was not the easiest one – you weren’t always popular, people put you down, but you’ve decided to pull yourself together. You decided not to let any of this stop you, and got the best results at the end. You’ve learned that you can accomplish anything if you just refuse to give up, and stop listening to haters.

I am not at all sure if I should be flattered or concerned that two online quizzes have pegged me as a “badass.” They might be just a little bit right about that, but that alone does not paint a complete picture.

But how do they know? How can they tell who I am just by indicating that my favorite color is green and that I prefer pictures of adorable puppies over slimy lizards? What’s to say that a word I use to describe myself at any particular moment is a true indicator of my personality? I’m pretty sure these quizzes are not designed by psychological geniuses. Or are they?

My favorite Harry Potter character

My favorite Harry Potter character

At any rate, here is the best answer yet: my female Harry Potter character is one of my personal favorites, Minerva McGonagall! Here’s what the results say: “You are a raging badass (there it is). Loyalty and bravery are two things you highly value. You do not tolerate foolishness, but you do have a dry sense of humour. You are quick witted and are not afraid to slap a bitch if necessary. Everyone highly respects you because you are stern, yet fair. You are a wonderful problem solver and have a temper when you encounter injustice. Your strut is also fabulous.”

The answers often make me either think, or laugh, or both. Anyway, these quizzes definitely feed into my previously mentioned lack of self-discipline. Who knows what I could accomplish if I would just stop playing and do something productive? Well…I’ll definitely stop after I check my knowledge of 1980’s movies….


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