Write On

When I started writing this blog one year ago I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. It’s true. No idea.

One year later I have looked back on some of the things I have written and learned some things about myself and about life, which may be reason enough to continue.

In my former life as a reporter, writing was something I did every day. I didn’t give much thought at all to the craft of writing at the time, I just did it. Now, I think about writing as anything but a job – it is a way to help me organize thoughts and focus my mind. It’s a way to tell a story, celebrate a success, mourn a loss, consider next steps, and capture personal history.

This somewhat regular return to writing has unlocked some forgotten boxes in my brain. It has made me start to think like a writer.  I have started writing other things, and started thinking about things I want to write. I have made notes on several writing projects I would like to tackle. When I’m alone in the car I sometimes make notes on my phone’s voice recorder to remember things I’d like to write about later.  I have started writing two books, and have almost finished one of them. I am not ready to share those projects with anyone just yet, but I am getting there. In addition, the very recent passing of our beautiful perpetual puppy dog at the not so old age of eleven has given me fodder for yet another writing project – a tribute to her very important role in our lives.

Life is a continuing stroll through the autumn woods.

Life is a continuing stroll through the autumn woods.

I equate autumn with fresh starts. We still have back to school days in our home, though they come earlier now as we packed our youngest back to college several weeks ago. A return to cozy sweaters and the leaves turning to my favorite colors are comforting, while also offering a nod toward change. This fall, new challenges await us as our eldest returns from her year-long master’s degree studies abroad. We expect to be just a temporary stop in her life journey now; a place for re-entry and launch towards her next adventures.

This fall, I expect some evenings will be devoted to time at the keyboard. There are words in my head that I simply must write down. When I write them here for you to read, I am inviting you into my life. You may choose whether you will accept the invitation.  If you do, thanks for reading and all feedback is gratefully accepted.

Honestly, I still have no idea what I’m doing. But I’m okay with that and I’ll keep writing about all kinds of things that make up This Autumnal Life, as I make peace with the days that seem to be growing shorter by the moment.


2 thoughts on “Write On

  1. I am glad you are branching out. Transiting from formal writing to creat4ive is an endless whole of vivid possibilities. Best of luck.

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