Powerful Words from Powerful Girls

Maybe it’s because I come from a family of girls. I have three sisters and my one brother was definitely the odd man out. Or maybe it’s because my husband and I raised two girls who are now strong young women. But I have an affinity for girls, especially girls who are raising their voices about social issues and justice. Maybe it’s because I am blown away by the power of these young women to stand up and say what they feel to try to make us think, make us act, make us better.

Maybe it’s because I have strong feelings about social justice. Maybe that’s because I was, am, and always will be the middle child who has sometimes had to raise her voice to be heard or work harder to be recognized. Competition is not a bad thing, but justice is and should be, for everyone.

This cause strikes a deep chord with me: increasing teen literacy through poetry. Poetry makes language real. It helps us understand ourselves and each other. It presents a point of view. It allows us to create and innovate as thoughts flow into words on the page and in our mouths and ears. I am inspired by this movement: Get Lit – Words Ignite.

Please watch this video.

Words can rip and words can mend. Words can call out our best and shine a light on our worst. Words can hold us close or push us away.

Words are powerful. So are these girls.


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