Just Keep Going….

Some people I know and care about are moving into new phases in their lives: job changes, house changes, children moving out and moving on, and the deeply emotional tolls of separation or losing loved ones. As all of these life experiences unfold, there is one thing I know for sure – after you get through them you will be a stronger person.

Whether the changes you are experiencing were dreams that you chased until they became a reality, were thrust upon you in a heart-wrenching way, or were long expected or planned, change is hard. Few among us can simply pick up from our current day-to-day operation and walk into the unknown without a little trepidation.

The reality is that we often grow so comfortable with the status quo that we can’t imagine things will ever change. Even discomfort is sometimes more comfortable than the unknown.

Personally, I have found that the start of a new phase in life can be both challenging and rewarding. Sometimes we find liberation in something new and fresh. Often, we have to force ourselves to let go of the past and keep our eyes on the future. It is okay to take a loving and sometimes critical look back at where we came from, and it is more than okay to look ahead to where we are going. This phase is often a delicate dance: you pine for what was, even while seeing the benefits of what lies ahead.

Relationships change as we move on. Sometimes we meet new friends and grow closer to some people, at the same time we grow farther away from others. Believe it or not, these are important balancing acts that lead us to become more open, more caring, and more resilient than we were before. Nothing teaches us as much as growing pains.

wpid-0801151811a2.jpg.jpegWinston Churchill said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

My own life experience has taught me that when you keep moving through the rough patches, you come out on the other side just fine. Those brambles you encounter during a walk through the underbrush may open some wounds. Eventually the cuts will heal. They may leave scars, and that’s okay. Those are reminders of the work you did to get to the other side.

How do I know for sure that you’ll come through these hard times?  Because, having dealt with some loss and change in my own life, and knowing each of you as I do, I am confident you can handle whatever life throws your way.  If you need to bend an ear along the way, I am here for you.  You will come out on the other side with grace and resilience.

Repeat the mantra: just keep going.


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