A Marriage Made in the Neighborhood

Some real love stories are better than anything written for Hallmark movies. We had the wonderful opportunity to attend a wedding today that united two amazing young people in marriage. They are really special, and that’s due in no small part to their families. We have the great honor to know both families. In fact, the bride grew up across the street from us, and the groom’s mother bought the house next door to us eleven years ago. This truly is a romance made in the neighborhood.

When we first met the bride, she was a toddler, not even two years old. She and her older sister are just a little more than a year apart. Somewhere in our collection of photos we have a picture of these two adorable little blond girls playing with the puppy we got back in 1987. Their younger brother came along several years later, and became a playmate to our oldest daughter who had been born just eight months earlier.

It’s a testament to our neighborhood that some people simply choose to never leave it. The bride’s family outgrew their home, so they moved two houses up the street. A few years later after we outgrew our home, we bought the house next door. That’s when we sold our first house to the groom’s mother and they moved into the neighborhood.

Handsome groom and beautiful bride!

Handsome groom and beautiful bride!

The bride went to college, but then moved back home to start her career in her hometown. She lived with her parents, but when the house across the street from them went up for sale her dad said to her, “if you don’t buy that house, I’m going to.” So she did, and she moved across the street.

The groom went to college, then started his career and later bought another house across town. But his mother still lived in the neighborhood, where he couldn’t help but notice the very attractive young woman up the street.

These two started dating, and eventually he moved in with her in the house across the street from her parents and two houses away from his mom. It’s a neighborhood love story.

After seeing them together, and witnessing their marriage vows, I am pretty sure this is just the beginning of their story. They are fun together, and they are very good friends. We wish them many years of happiness as their love story continues.


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