R & R

After working a more-than full week weekends can be either very restful as I try to unwind from the grind, or very productive as I rush to get lots of things done at home. This particular weekend was so restful it I was nearly on the verge of comatose. Not really. But I did spend quite a bit of time relaxing.

Don’t get me wrong, productivity is what life is all about most of the time. I want to feel accomplished. No, I almost always NEED to feel accomplished. When I am seriously embroiled in a project, whether it’s at work or at home, I throw myself into it zealously. Whether I am sewing or building something or putting together some print publication or event, my goals are twofold: get it done, and get it done right. (I am actually still troubled by the relatively minor imperfections in my major chair re-upholstery project from last spring, but have not mustered the will to do over the seat cushions yet.)

We installed a new screen on Mom's fireplace:  the most productive part of the weekend.

We installed a new screen on Mom’s fireplace: the most productive part of the weekend.

But this weekend has been all about relaxing. If you can’t relax in January, you can never relax. The bitter wind outside makes the indoors so appealing. So I did some reading, a little shopping with my husband (who may have actually learned how to go to the mall with me after just 32 years of marriage), spent a little time on some minor projects at Mom’s, and spent a whole lot of time looking at lovely photos on Pinterest to get inspired for some future projects. A great deal of the weekend was spent doing a whole lot of nothing.

Every once in a while a weekend spent lounging around without a plan or a project or a deadline or a need to do something can feel really great. I can’t let myself be drawn into too much nothingness or I may get hooked and become a serious couch potato. But an occasional weekend won’t hurt.

As the new work week begins, I’ll throw myself back into the grind and the chaos and the projects. But I’ll do it knowing that rest and relaxation are possible and therapeutic. And even as I plan some new creative projects, I will look forward to another weekend soon when a sweatshirt, old jeans, and warm slippers reign supreme and a whole lot of nothing fills the day.


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