Android or Apple?

Having demonstrated that I am not afraid to step into controversial issues with this blog, I thought I would post a huge question today: Android or Apple? Your answers may actually show a greater divide than if I had asked “Hillary or The Donald?” Much like our major candidates, each operating system seems to have its own enthusiasts, but in this case I am still struggling with the “why?”

I admit I was a latecomer to the smartphone game. Just over two years ago I got my first data phone. It was an Android and it served me well. Both daughters had iPhones and couldn’t understand why I didn’t get an iPhone at the time. There were some very good reasons: the iPhone was more expensive at that point, some friends had Androids and swore by them, and did I mention the iPhone was really expensive at that time?

So I got the Android and plunged into using it like I do with every other piece of tech equipment or software that has crossed my path: full steam ahead. I have never been one to shy away from technology and if I don’t know something I will figure it out. So I happily went about the business of using my Android phone and became very accustomed to all of its functions and properties.

Now, fast forward two years. The old LG Android slowed down – way down. The battery still charged just fine and it did what I asked it to do, just very, very slowly. I cleaned up as much old stuff and made some moves to delete unused apps, old photos, and some other things, but it was still slower than a snail. I texted my husband last week about something, but it took so long for the text to send that I could have driven to his office faster. So it was time for a new phone.

phoneI told the guy at the counter that I was looking for a small phone. He showed me the iPhone 6, but it was too big. He showed me a Samsung that was still too big. He showed me a few other LG and other models in Androids that were bigger than my old phone and still seemed too clunky for my use. Most of these so-called phones are behemoth devices that look like you’re holding a small tablet to your ear just to have a phone conversation. “Smaller,” I said. Seriously, there is nothing dainty about me except for the size of my hands, so I don’t want a phone that doesn’t fit. Small was crucial. Then, he said, “There is a new iPhone coming out. It’s the size of the old iPhone 5 and you might like it.”

So, I have never been one of those people who orders the newest gadget before it’s even released, until now. Aside from the small form, one admittedly shallow reason for this choice was that you can buy some really cool cases for the iPhone, much more so than for my former LG phone. I am considering one made of burled maple, which is beautiful but a little more than I would like to pay so there’s no final decision yet.

I ordered the iPhone SE. It’s a SMALL phone, but all the reviews claim it packs a lot of power and functionality for its size. It arrived today and I am learning the ins and outs of it. It took me only about 30 minutes to get the phone up and running, including adding my social media apps and loading all the photos and contacts from the cloud onto the new phone. I can make and receive calls, send and receive texts, troll Facebook, scroll Instagram, waste time on Pinterest, check my LinkedIn account, and play around with the camera settings. I can check the news, weather, and email, and review any new stats on my blog. Let me point out that I did all of these things on the old Android, and am now doing them all on the new iPhone. Honestly, aside from a few minor changes in the way the phone functions, I am not seeing a lot of difference here.

I know all of you devotees of one or the other are probably rolling your eyes in disgust right now. But the reality is that they both seem pretty simple to use and both have done all that I ask of them. The apps are easy to download on both.  The camera is nicer on the new iPhone, but I would expect that two years gives everyone a chance to improve their technology.  Right now the Apple operating system seems a bit more cumbersome, but that’s only because I’m not completely used to it after just a few hours.  The more I use it the easier it will become, and I am open to the concept that my opinion on the two systems may change over time.  Anyway, I will use this new phone for a while and get back to you if I find any major differences. Call me a rebel, but at first glance I don’t see too many.

Oh, and as for that Presidential campaign thing, yes, there are MAJOR differences in those operating systems.


2 thoughts on “Android or Apple?

  1. The real difference is the relationship between Google and Android versus Apple and iProducts. I’m not an Apple person. Don’t use iTunes or Apple-friendly applications. I’m a Google person. Gmail, GDocs, Chrome browser, etc. So I went with Android and will stick with Android. If you are purely a net application person, which it looks like you are, then the switch between the two isn’t that big of a deal. It’s when you get into proprietary apps that makes the difference.

    • I am definitely an app person on my phone which is why I don’t see much difference. I did, however, download the Google app onto the iPhone. Even with Siri, I still want the option to say, “Okay, Google…” and to use Google maps.

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